The Difference On Same

There was a time that I thought the same as everyone was boring.
Now I feel a sense of unity in it .A bond. I find the balance in knowing that as many similarities we have, their are differences. 
And its not awful to me anymore
Being older kinda makes me want that security in sameness. I value peoples differences, but there’s a special intrigment I find in going deeper with similar ideas or way of thinking. A relatability that makes me feel warm and pleasant and understood. I do think connection can happen regardless. I’m just different now, in the way that I’m more okay with sameness.




Thank you Openly Isolated for the inspiration. 😛

We’re All the Same

We’re all mutts.
We’re all inbred little phinxs’ that collect from here, take a little from there, and slide some of sucha such onto our plates from that other plate.

We’re all a portfolio.
We’re files of other peoples papers, other peoples quotes and other peoples thoughts; wanting a specific kind of attention on the clayselves we are forever moulding.
Lovers of writing, art, singing, songwriting, poetic little junkatrunks.

We’re our own little cage of endorphins.

A bean of human
surrounded by all us other beans.