You’re Happier then Them

Get joy from the small things in life.
I used to be that way all the time. And then I reached a certain age and felt more self conscious of getting giddy over seeing a live camel or seeing someone I knew out in public.
Not because I grew more aware, but thought more about what people thought.
And CARED about what people thought.

So I lost that spectrum of my youth.
I swallowed it, became more older and less happy.

So hey adults,
get joy from the small things in life and don’t care whether your neighbour thinks the first sight of a tulip is amazing or not

because at the end of the day,
you’re happier then them.


Looking Back at Old Happies

You realize new things all the time. Sometimes you ignore them. Sometimes you can’t.
Sometimes deeper inflection means more new things.
I used to be a giggle, life loving, small things make me laugh loud, person.
It got crumpled over the years and now, looking back I tend to feel sad at the loss of that characteristic of me.
But as it turns out,
I am in charge of my self.
I really can promote that type of easy happy. Just by changing some brain thoughts.
I realize that over time I have gotten more conscious of my little springy happiness and thought it to be childish. But now I know that those are the things that do make me happy and without them, I lose a big chunk of self. And losing a good part of self, is a sadness.
I dont’ feel 27. I still feel 20. And that is where the imbalance comes from.
I shouldn’t care about what others thnk anymore. Because it’s wrecking my life.

So I shall now walk into my days with a silliness, a goofiness that I’ve tucked away in trenches. Because that’s the kind of happiness I am good at creating and being around. That’s the me that I need to live.