Slow dances that fly with moon dogs and speckled eggs that hover in hammocks of approval.Drops of sparkle that sing in slender beauty and warmth that rises on those songs.Oh it would be well, to step inside the place and extract a brightness.
A brightness that makes all horizons vertical.

And thats the flashlight of my world.

Straight Nature Becomes Circle

There were pebbles that rolled right out of the system and sand that found its way to the soap plantations. Sparkles that fell out of trumpets into the eyes of the wild.

And all that lurched inside the motion, were full of loops and honey.

And the eagles soared in under the clouds and brushed alongside the leaves of all the gentle oaks. The tremours in the bark rolled down to the grasses where the ants of the kingdom lived. The paw prints of these insects rose to the hills that touched the sky,

and the circle was complete.