Your Furry Wurry

Saturday night I lost my phone in my pile of clothes and it was turned off when I found it the following morning.

We had been texting Saturday night  and had exchanged a few phone calls between us so that when three am rolled around and you hadnt heard from me in over two hours, your worry ( and mind you, drunkeness ) had you calling my dad, my mom, my sister and messaging my brother on facebook, asking where I was or how I was.

You talked to both my dad and my mom and my sister in the wee hours of the morning.

That does feel pretty good.
All though I dislike how I worried you.
It’s just kinda nice that you made the effort to find out.

The next night you’re drunk and I’m not and you text me at 8pm and type ‘ I fricking love you my dear. Please take care of yourself and I will take care of me. ‘

And a few hours later you call me and we talk for nineteen minutes and you are in a joking mood and you make me laugh and you say ‘ i frickin miss you Jen’.
” I miss you too”
” I miss you more, i guarentee you that Jenny”

And you have surgery this Wednesday and you said ‘ you’re going to come over and take care of me right? You promise?”

And i gladly say yes yes yes! But more like a calm yes came out.