First Comes Feelings, then Comes…

I wonder what we’re all striving for.
It seems obvious at times.
Happiness. Right?

But the more posts I read on life and love, relationships and health, there always seems to be a dark donkey galloping in and out of the words.
Like we’re all wanting validation and attention. Wanting to be liked, sitting in our world of sigh-brr; claiming keys to joy and longevity, but underneath having lack of.

Maybe we’re never supposed to be entirely happy. So that we push ourselves continually, to find and be a better.

When we were late teening or early twentying, it didn’t seem that difficult, did it?
So what’s the change besides the thousand more responsibilities and the entire difference in what living then meant to living now.

If there are fundamentals of us yet we’re always changing, where does that leave us?


If we accept everything that life is, and we do it enough that it becomes a habit, then we’re rolling through the evergreens with the sun blazing, rain pouring, sun falling or sun popping up,
and are fine.
Acceptance is stability.

Accepting we’re allowed to be sad, the amount of sad, the anxiety, the lulls in life, our favourite songs, our opinions and our taste buds..
accepting all the bad and good
is good.



Now just deal with that acceptance.