Truth and WordPress

If we can’t be truthful to our cyber world, how can we trust ourselves?

I was about to state that after writing A Cranberry , I went out for my Day Twentyfree.April 23
I did, but I didn’t just write Cranberry. That was an older post.

So while I was dancing around, I thought of the truthfulness in WordPress.
There must be lines.

We stretch truth, we exagerate to make it read out better. To make the story better. We change words around to make our point work.

I understand there are tons of fictional pieces out there and that they are categories all themselves.

But this written real life stuff: if we get good at adding bits and pieces in cyberworld, do we start getting good at doing that in real life? Are we already good at it and it’s just folding over into Cyber ?

If we can write fake things that we say are true and not feel guilty about it, isn’t that a problem? If we can’t be true to people we’re likely to never meet, how can we expect ourselves to be true to…ourself?

I’m just assessing this all for the first time and I’m not so much afraid, I’ll just be more aware of what I type out. To make sure it is coming from the gut and the actuality and the full fledge reality of my life.
Because I need to make it right and being truthful to all you out there is not just the process but is the way.




WordPress can bring truth.

But only if you stop lying to it.

Perception and How You Can End up Liking Someone

My mom relates an incident that I was apart of. I was there. She is telling it to my Aunts. And it is not how I saw the occurrence at all. How she tells it surprises me. Because I didn’t get what she did from it.
I don’t remember the first time I recognized this. But I know there was a point that I did. Because ever after that, I was at the very least, the slightest aware, of the relation between stories and their tellers.

I find it interesting how perception is. It is.
My mother wasn’t wrong telling that story the way she did because it was the way she saw it. And how we see things make up who we are.
When I hear stories I often get wrapped up in the story of it. I can forget that it is coming from someone who has perspective too, different from my own. The stories people tell, that you and I tell, are all told from the person we are. From our eyesight and brain sight and even our heart sight.
So when people tell stories, no matter what they are about or whether they are true or false, they are telling stories of themselves.

So when you meet someone in which from the beginning their stories grab a hold of you and make fascination spin a few wonders, there’s a good chance you’ll like who they are.

And when a person tells you that you’ve become apart of who they are, which is something that you like, you will begin to like that person more than a friend.

But this is all just my perspective.