People Will Be This Way-Learn to Deal

We have to make sure we are not holding onto negative balloons or walking a negative tight rope. We have to make sure we are not baking negative cookies or bread or concocting negative smoothies that bubble when you sip them.
A lot in life, has to do not only with your awareness, but how you deal.

We live in the same space as thousands of others. We will cross over the same streets and drive over the same bridges. We will see people we will only see once. We will see people that we will marry, we will see happy and sad, stress and glee.
Everyone’s got their own separate story.
And you aren’t going to know about it, just that it exists.

People are going to cut in front of you, they are going to be moody when handing you your drink, they are going to laugh when you trip and not always smile even when you do.
Sometimes grandparents may have just passed, or dogs may have been hit, maybe nothing at all has really happened in their life to make them the miserable they appear to be. Since you are not going to know, you have to treat them as if something has.
It’s not easy.
But it does get easier.

Sometimes you will be in that funk of negative and you will need smiles and generosity to bring you out.
So remember that when someone doesn’t hold the door open for you or slams your change into your hands. Remember that when someone bumps into you and doesn’t apologize or when someone you work with is rude to you.
It will happen.
Just know how to deal with it.

If You’re Happy, I’m Happy!

If you’re in a good mood there is a better chance you will do things for other people.
When people hold the doors open for me or help me pick up baby toys that have fallen, it makes me feel happy. The more that this happens, the happier I get. Which in turn increases your chances of being helped or smiled at. If I’m in a good mood, there’s a better chance I will do things for other people.

We all get into grumpy spots and letting someone slip into the traffic line ahead of you can become the last thing you want to do. My very basic point is that if we do things for other people, there happiness inevitably goes up. Maybe not by much, maybe they’re so low they don’t actually get out of there crankiness,but either way they recognize that something good just happened.
It is a cycle. We become lifted by others’ laughter. By people helping us.
Let’s do it more often and we will most certainly see the difference come back around to us.