Learn How to Escape Stuck

Being stuck for years doesn’t have to mean death.

I think it is the feeling of being mentally stuck
that keeps us the stuck for the longest
and perhaps,
the most deadly of all stucks.

We get these bursts of living every now and then
and surge forward with them
and then are surprised when we trip over a log in the middle of a cement parking lot.

it’s life.

Expect and equip.

You have it in you.

Choosing Choices

I’m gonna buy a little point and shoot. A little camera shot, instead of tequila.
I’m gonna buy a little knowledge. I am on a ledge and I know it.

I’m gonna burn my tongue on fireworks, just to make the fire work.
Gonna warm my hands like my heart hasn’t ever been cold.

This is a blast into a wallless arena.

And I make the walls and the choices and I abide by them and the hallways that are created.
Sometimes, there are windows though. And they’re big enough for me to fit through.

I’m gonna crawl through one like I’m a baby again.

The sun feels better outside.
And I’ve been inside for too long.







Absolutely Stuck

I’m stuck in the spot of wondering when’s the time to full fledge run for it vs healing time and allowing space and letting go of thoughts that ‘ hey, we’re still going to work out’.
I’m stuck.
I want us to work out. But my hope is drying up quickly. I’m not one to chase.
He’s the first that’s ever walked away from me.
And it’s the first I’ve chased someone,felt like this for someone,etc. etc.

I fear if I do not get myself out there soon, I will return to my depressing state of February and think my life is over.
Maybe I need some sense of that though?

Can’t very well launch while I’m still crawling
yet at the same time, if I don’t move forward, I’m going to be a dead weight in a crib of carpet.