I just Knew it

The thing was,
I had a feeling. A deep pit of a feeling that you were going to contact me. I even turned my phone up and put it under my pillow so I’d hear it. I guess I just felt that enough time had went by since I dropped off the last chicken dish I made for you.
Two hours into my Snoozeland, I hear a beep boop beep.
My eyes still close, I smile. Knowing it’s you. Gotta be you.


” So no yummy dinner today? What’d I do wrong?” you joke.
14 minutes of back and forth responses and sends.

In turn has me this morning at 9 am, driving over bacon and eggs.The porch I used to sit out and have coffee with you on last summer is where I have been placing all the dropped off dishes. And so it is this place again, where I leave the steaming breakfast.
Just for you darlin’, just for you.

I just knew it.

Your Furry Wurry

Saturday night I lost my phone in my pile of clothes and it was turned off when I found it the following morning.

We had been texting Saturday night  and had exchanged a few phone calls between us so that when three am rolled around and you hadnt heard from me in over two hours, your worry ( and mind you, drunkeness ) had you calling my dad, my mom, my sister and messaging my brother on facebook, asking where I was or how I was.

You talked to both my dad and my mom and my sister in the wee hours of the morning.

That does feel pretty good.
All though I dislike how I worried you.
It’s just kinda nice that you made the effort to find out.

The next night you’re drunk and I’m not and you text me at 8pm and type ‘ I fricking love you my dear. Please take care of yourself and I will take care of me. ‘

And a few hours later you call me and we talk for nineteen minutes and you are in a joking mood and you make me laugh and you say ‘ i frickin miss you Jen’.
” I miss you too”
” I miss you more, i guarentee you that Jenny”

And you have surgery this Wednesday and you said ‘ you’re going to come over and take care of me right? You promise?”

And i gladly say yes yes yes! But more like a calm yes came out.

Text Machines like OldTimes

We texted for 30 minutes last night, back and forth. About fun,goofy,giddy things that held no weight but the deep sense that we were communicating like we did when we first started dating.  You told me you had dropped a knife on your foot while putting the silverware away.

Then today you texted me first, telling me you had got it stitched up.
And back and forth for over an hour, our texts transferred to one anothers phones.

You still love me and you know it.