Truth and WordPress

If we can’t be truthful to our cyber world, how can we trust ourselves?

I was about to state that after writing A Cranberry , I went out for my Day Twentyfree.April 23
I did, but I didn’t just write Cranberry. That was an older post.

So while I was dancing around, I thought of the truthfulness in WordPress.
There must be lines.

We stretch truth, we exagerate to make it read out better. To make the story better. We change words around to make our point work.

I understand there are tons of fictional pieces out there and that they are categories all themselves.

But this written real life stuff: if we get good at adding bits and pieces in cyberworld, do we start getting good at doing that in real life? Are we already good at it and it’s just folding over into Cyber ?

If we can write fake things that we say are true and not feel guilty about it, isn’t that a problem? If we can’t be true to people we’re likely to never meet, how can we expect ourselves to be true to…ourself?

I’m just assessing this all for the first time and I’m not so much afraid, I’ll just be more aware of what I type out. To make sure it is coming from the gut and the actuality and the full fledge reality of my life.
Because I need to make it right and being truthful to all you out there is not just the process but is the way.




WordPress can bring truth.

But only if you stop lying to it.

What My Earrings Say About Me

There’s an evident flickering on the floor beside my bed.
A glistening little pond, the smallest sea of jewels.

Quite Frankly, or Mikely or Bobbly,
it is that.

A small sea of jewels.

I take them off and put them their each night .

Thin layer of earrings line a section of the carpet.
Shapes of hearts, gold, silver, dangly ones, pearl ones.

If I could tell who I was by looking at this pile of earrings, I’d say I can be a sophisticated well mannered woman, who goes to fancy wine parties. I’m also a 12 year old girl who can be caught drawing initials in a heart during class. I can also be a punk kind of gal with black and tom boyish kind of clothes. All of these and more.

And then back to real me,
well I’d have to go ahead and say that a collection of ones earrings can tell a lot of accuracy about that person.
For I feel all of those above, is true. I am all of those and more.
For those of you who care.



Life Evaluation

I have begun a reevaluation of my self and life, attempting to straighten things out and then I recognize
 that it actually feels impossible.
And that I really feel I need to see a councilor.
I actually feel a bit messed up.
I am on a flimsy raft of lies, and that raft is on a sailboat of them and that sailboat is on a ship. I’ve been sinking for the past four years.And I can’t get out of the room with the captain seat.Or maybe I should be in it, just steering in a different direction. Or maybe I really should be on a different mobile altogether.
I have read all those fancy quotes and even articles and books, on living a full life and being true to oneself and being honest and love yourself and make good choices and WHAT.
I can know all this and believe it and yet nothing comes from it because well,where does one start?? Not at the beginning,surely. Of course that’s where, but WHAT is that.