Smoother Dealings

Things have been going a lot better.
Somewhere in there my husband went to being crazy nice and patient and that’s resulted in me being less stressed and more happy.
Now that it’s happened it’s like, ‘oh yes, of course this is the change we needed to make!’. If you have different issues but are dealing with them always the same and they aren’t getting any better, then you should probably change how you are dealing with them. The approach makes a big difference. If you talk about it so much that it points out other areas that weren’t even an issue in the first place, that’s a problem. Specially if it happens every single time. I felt that every time we got into an arguement, I knew it was going to end in us still being upset, at something likely different then what started it. The more gentle approach seems to be working. We are happier all around and I am spending more one on one time with Zeek and he can sense it to.

Cleaning That Brings You Up

It’s good to recognize the fall and rise of days. Waking up, knowing that today you don’t feel so well. That you don’t quite want to do as much work as you did yesterday. Reguardless of the pile of laundry or the dishes in the sink.

Some days I just would like to do nothing but type or write – to have no responsabilities.
I am certain that these thoughts and feelings will occur throughout life. That’s just the way it goes. I will try and be better at accepting that low days do come with the high days and that this is exactly part of life. I will not only accept, I will do my best to embrace. Because embracing gets you places even when whatever it is, is not something you want to wrap your arms around.
I’d rather not feel like this, and I can try and get out of it, but fighting it rarely works with me. It just gets me more riled up and frustrated. I usually end up in tears and sweating, trying to do too much at once.
It’s like the night before I gave birth. I was out raking leaves and straightening my hair. I was cleaning places in the house that I had never touched before. With a child especially, the cleaning spree you intend to go on, just doesn’t feel as good. Because half the time you have to stop mid-way. Half the time, you finish half the job.
So instead of trying to work through things around the house in a huff, I’ll save it for another day. A day where I’ll feel better about interupptions. A day when cleaning brings me up, instead of down.