We Are All Really Great Fishermen

We catch colds and planes and ways to blame,
we catch glances and our breath, we catch wind of what comes next.
We catch ourselves being much too invasive, we catch ourselves between rocks and hard places. 
We catch waves and rays of sun, we catch snowflakes on our tongues.
We catch each other in lies,we catch each others eyes,
we catch each others drift and we catch each other lifts.
We get caught off guard, get caught on camera and caught up with the motion of the earth,
we catch ourselves belittling our own sense of worth.
We catch up on our paperwork, we catch up with our friends, we catch the last 12 minutes of a game that’s going to end.
Our world catches fire, our hearts do too,
after all we’re all quite the catch, and that’s the damn truth.


Air Breathing

If air was a breathing
we’d all be dead.

We’d be too focused on
everyday nothings
on divorce,breakups,
hurts,aches and all
and we’d all be dead
because air would be our
second nature.

We’d have no technique
no good for the air
We’d be smoke in suffocation,
worrying about the big things
that are SMALL

If air was a breathing
we’d all be dead.