If You’re Going to Say It’s a Big Deal, Make it a Big Deal

” I am sooooooooooooo looking forward to my vacation away in Bali!”

A week into your stay in Bali:

” I miss my doggies so much. I am excited to be going home in t-minus two days!”


I see this all to often.

And it bothers me.

Are we ever just happy with where we’re at? With who we’re with?
Probably most times.
But not all the times.

when you make a big deal about going away, being with a certain person or doing something for yourself, MAKE IT A BIG DEAL
and don’t make coming back, a bigger one.


Accept Holidays, you Hue mans


Holidays are on the calender. They are days off of school. They are days off of work. You’ll complain about the marketing tactics, how it’s all just a scam, yet you’ll book a trip to Montreal on those days off and you will love it.

Don’t complain about how everyone should be showing their utmost love on more than just Valentines Day. When you don’t.
Instead of boycotting holidays, accept them.
Because unless you’re going to start a campaign that stretches across the world, the holiday ain’t gonna change.
They are in our calender year of life.

If you’re gonna stay home and sulk, then fine, do it. But don’t try and drag everybody else down with you.
If some 40 year olds want to dress up green, sparkle there face up and wear short Irish skirts and not even be Irish,
let them.
Being happy for other peoples happiness, regardless of where it derives from- is a beautiful quality to have.

Have fun with it, because you can’t change it.

In turn, you’ll likely turn out happier yourself and who knows,
maybe join in the next time someones having a Hop Along Easter Bunny Party and have the best carrot cake you’ve ever tasted.

They Are Back There

My parents are back in the place I lived in for five years.

Just for a vacation.
Five years of my teaching and drinking and having child and marriage and being and learning the living.
They are in the midst, my mothers skirts brushing at the strokes of my history. My fathers golf swing smothering the memories and moments of mine.

It is strange. They to be meeting with my ex husband. For him to give them a box and for him to give them papers.

It all feels strange. And unreal.
Is this my life or anothers.

I’m leaving for Jamaica tonight. In two years and three months, it will be the longest I’ve been away from my son. Eight days.
I think I have forgotten what it is like.

Today a bunch of unease flooded the system. When I thought of being back in a tropical, thirty degree country.
A climate I lived in for five years.

I am nervous that I will miss Thailand. That it will hit me hard.
I do have faith in myself, the unlimited drinks and the company.

I’m sure I’ll be fine.

But man.