Dab my Wet Mouth,Wet

Your antelope ears and wrinkled persona!
Your grand entrance and bifocal’d leisure!
The habits of your style
are the blessing at the table.
Your hands of porcelin,
the super age of the sensory.

I am the kingdom blind
the sensible and perverse
the one who takes all the willows
willingly down to the shelter
for shelter
those bursts after bursts of experience.
I learn well.
And so should you.



That vs This

“Did you bring me a prezzie?” doesn’t seem as selfish as:
“Did you bring me a present?”

When asking for junk food, it makes us feel better about eating it when we use a cute little nickname.

“Can you go grab me some chippies?”
“Can you go grab me some chips?”

Money sounds like more when we use the correct word.

“That thing I bought the other day, cost me 286 dollars!”
“That thing I bought the other day, cost me 286 buckaroos!”

When we chat online, ‘Bye’ comes off much more serious than ‘Cya later’. Reguardless if we’re using an exclaimation point or not.

Slang makes things cheaper, makes us feel less awful about various munch and makes us seem like nicer people. Most times?

Just a few knicks and knacks of thoughts people.
Any more you got?