You Guys, a Part of my Home

Sometimes I think about you humans while I’m out. I was in Aisle 7 the other day and had the urge to just get home and write about how often I hate that I hide when I see someone I know.
I feel the comfort in my soul to know you are here. That I can come home to you and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read all my posts to know what you can about me, but just the fact it is out there for your eyes to find.  It’s part of a success. The amount that is laid out here, it is fascinating for my heart to feel.

It makes bringing the dark and scary and wobbly personas of myself to the table (outside of WordPress), more of something I feel capable of doing.

Thanks Cyber Room. For helping to make the other rooms of my house be filled with more me.
Thank you.


I Leave

It’s fear and wonderful.
That WordPress and
what WordPress,
can make you feel.

I don’t want to leave it.
Yet I know I need to,
and that I will be glad I did
when I have.

I would like not to feel bad
and whelmed over
when I don’t make the time to read yours.
It makes me feel guilty for posting.
I love reading your minds.

I want the realness of me here, in pressing Words
to poke out through my freckles and smile,
my way of being
and I need to help that
by leaving and
focus on
being open and better
out there.

I don’t want to hide things.
I was telling you what
you didn’t even ask of
and that felt good.
Even now, explaining
when ‘poof’ I could go
and it would hardly make a difference.
Habitual openness, I want!

I’ve learned a lot here,
you guys are really smart
beautiful creatures.
I am proud and impressed
and I will miss.

The stories we all share and swallow
may never get digested
properly or even at all
They can get intertwined with anothers
and not be kept straight
and that’s okay.

There are thousands of us here.

I can say WordPress,
as a club, a unity,
you’ve really made me feel smarter
and better.

Now I get to press that into all corners of Lively Life,
spread it even on the crumbs!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.



Helpful WordPress

Sometimes I feel woozy after a lot of wordpress reading. As if the world is caving in a little bit and we are closer in distance and have deeper connection,  but that we’re battling the same dinosaurs that have been around for decades.
( Dino heart and brain struggles are never extinct! )

I just hope for the sake of humankind that we’re getting somewhere. Well… I know that we are. Just sometimes the sadder posts are heavy and the motivational ones can’t pick them up.And that’s when I feel the woozy.

We’re on the same life string, learning from one another yet more than half of our experiences have to be actually experienced by ourself for us to really know what it’s like.
I don’t have to ask what we are all doing and why; blogging hours into our system.
I get it.


I guess the connection between the posts and your life outside of these cyber walls, is sometimes difficult for me to wrap my head around.
In truth, it is likely me living so far into this blogging wondrousity that I have to question my own experiences and livability.


WordPress is always helpful. Even when it isn’t.




Soft Admittance: New Followers

After MakeItUltra posted a promotional blog piece, I’ve got a very dazzling, overwhelmingly amount more of followers. ( Thank you MIU ! )

So much so, I feel slightly bashful.
Flattered,humbled..stopped short in my movement.

I know I will keep posting the same as always, but it awe-jolts my breath a little to know that some are climbing onto this raft for the first time; that more people have the potential to gather a great deal about me.

This bursted composure is initial and will pass, but to note of such impact on myself is something I knew I had to share with you.

Thank you new followers. The roots of a new happy have taken position in my heart. I look forward to sharing with you and learning the content of your mind – for that is a mighty special space to have access to.


Let’s Follow Ourself

It’s nice to come home to my little fairy world of you guys. It really is.
And that’s the problem.

You start liking the ability to relay all to the online world. To have people continue reading and still liking and still following your reality stories, when the actual people in your reality don’t know what you think living a livable life means or your exercise patterns or that your parents are mid divorce

We have to watch out. Plain and simple.
We get so comfortable in this place. It’s loose, it’s freeing. No wonder we do.
But the more we indulge here, the further from active, productive lives we get.

Sure as heck we can write about how to make life fantastic, but if we’re checking back in every 3 hours to see how many likes we have on that post or any more follows, we’re not really following ourselves on our words. Follow ourselves.

Don’t just write it to me
BE a life thats beautiful 
so that as a book in the end,
it’s better then any post you’d ever think up.



Truth and WordPress

If we can’t be truthful to our cyber world, how can we trust ourselves?

I was about to state that after writing A Cranberry , I went out for my Day Twentyfree.April 23
I did, but I didn’t just write Cranberry. That was an older post.

So while I was dancing around, I thought of the truthfulness in WordPress.
There must be lines.

We stretch truth, we exagerate to make it read out better. To make the story better. We change words around to make our point work.

I understand there are tons of fictional pieces out there and that they are categories all themselves.

But this written real life stuff: if we get good at adding bits and pieces in cyberworld, do we start getting good at doing that in real life? Are we already good at it and it’s just folding over into Cyber ?

If we can write fake things that we say are true and not feel guilty about it, isn’t that a problem? If we can’t be true to people we’re likely to never meet, how can we expect ourselves to be true to…ourself?

I’m just assessing this all for the first time and I’m not so much afraid, I’ll just be more aware of what I type out. To make sure it is coming from the gut and the actuality and the full fledge reality of my life.
Because I need to make it right and being truthful to all you out there is not just the process but is the way.




WordPress can bring truth.

But only if you stop lying to it.