Sobering up 3 AM

Furry brain stuck in my head
sitting on stone steps at three am
after it rains
with mint in my mouth.
Not cold nor wet
just plain and loose.
I watch power lines
in between leaves
a space I see with glaze
covered donut eyes
gloss runs dry
and the sun comes out
and it is 3 am.






Imagining Time

The time told me I had little left
so I hopped on a bus and let it take me where I ended up.
I didn’t do much there, just painted my nails and such.
I feasted on freedom
and downed optimism so quick I hiccuped for an hour after.
I didn’t worry about anything and it was easy and calm and hopeful.
So when I arrived back, the planet in my heart had more land of bright
and it affected the rest of my imagination space
and as long as time is,
I’ll always have that.
Even when I can’t remember where I put it.

Everlasting Taste

I took my ribbon from the television
and I laid flat on the carpet
watched the ceiling be nothing,
then tied it to the sky.
I put on my rubber boots and took a seahorse from
the box of hopeful granola bars.
When I stepped on the scale
it tipped me an amount servers would be overjoyed with.


Overload,like that time on the microwave
when I just wanted to heat my chocolate bar
and left it in it’s gold tinfoil
but blew up blue flames
and I ate soup chocolate anyways
because the shape of something
even our hearts
doesn’t make the taste of Love any different.


A Little Like Fun Lovin’ Wordplay

I coloured you with my red pencil crayon, 
hoping it would make you more ready.
I added meat to your plate- it was steak, and nudged a shot glass towards you, thinking you’d like to meet me in the park after dinner. I just want a shot with you, with high stakes and all.

I put a hole in the middle of your grilled cheese sandwich. because I’d like to give you the whole universe and I’d like to be the center.

Under the sun, outside your house I stood.  because I thought it would help you to understand that I want a son with you.
I stood out in the rain too, you kinda reign my heart.

I rang in the new year alone in the trailer 0f your backyard, because I want to give you a ring that lands us in the movie of Life; of great confrontation.

I want to see this through; it’s what I told the sea I’d do. No matter the dew in my eyes or the bees my skin may wear, you are where I want to be.

Soup Can Can Be Souper

I swing a love clinic from the rights of my fingers,
and dance along on the merry tune I whisper
Did you know
I can free a soup can from it’s first purpose
and dangle upside down with one to my ear.
I can run from skinny dogs after almost being held down
and hop on a shampoo commercial riding a motorbike.

I’ll tell you every now and then that this is the circus
and the movies
and the stage that we stand on
where we get parts and roles for;

but really we’re just being hilarious.
We’re the gut of the century!

Calm and cope and deal and soap
that’s the scoop, the scale, the scope!



Spin me Home

Stealthy mobility drips down my forearms and onto the tulips I planted two months ago.
Haze catches in my throat and blurs my vision
I am blue, I am orange, I am every colour you thought I wasn’t six months ago.

I bloomed a sense of indecency and wrote a pile of suns to play with and you watched me dig the hole of nusiance
and I did and put in my garden gloves and hat you always loved for me to wear.

I am a trusted spoke of a wheel of one hundred
and I hope for you to spin us all the way reverse;
back the way we came so that we can trample all the ugly and make new
our beauty.
Make us dizzy in love.


The gloss in the sun blinds me golden
while the threads of my voice sew silk.
I am the galaxy I create
and I shuffle stars to extraordinaire
against the backdrop of humanity
to coat in luxury
the inevitability
of my scarf of impurity.

The tender souls of the world I fall for
but with my tools of knitting, I have a net.
I am the safety I own
and I hot glue satellites to my kingdom
as I braid my strands of ability
and breathe a sensibility;
the inevitability
of the common beauty.