Stop Looking For Yourself

I don’t fully understand the whole finding out who we are thing.
We have opinions and morals, we have our perspectives and positions, our perception and our values.
all those are capable of changing.

A 25 year age difference between partners is incredibly wrong to me.
Then I
live in a city where relationships like that are seen everyday.
At first it is weird, uncomfortable and even embarrassing.
In time,
I understand it and it becomes less wrong and more of just the way that it is and eventually, I am happy that I’m an individual that knows it exists.
Moral grounding for that, no matter how ingrained it was in my childhood, evaporates.

And I am then, one idea different.

You see,
we don’t need to go looking for ourselves.

We’re made up of time and experience. Of people, places and animals. Interactions and poor choices and good choices and feelings and learning.

We can have ideas, recognize patterns in our behavior and know our skills and comfort zones. We can know our boundaries, the foods that taste the best in our mouth and the colour that dazzles the greatest in our eyes.

But when you think you’ve found yourself, you’ll just find that there’s more to find. You aren’t a solid .
We just use that idea of finding ourselves because it’s less scary then admitting we’re all just lumps of experience.

And what is life but experience after experience.

So embrace that and kinda just let yourself be a fun, malleable heart beat.
Resisting life is the worsty thing you can do when all it needs you to do, is be.

And how do you be?


You be well, by meaning well.





9 comments on “Stop Looking For Yourself

  1. Michael says:

    Wonderful post! Your point about learning from your experience…reflecting if you will…is something that we too often neglect. We see ourselves as “out there” when we actually find ourselves within.

  2. 2ndhalfolife says:

    I was in an age-gap relationship that was 25 years. It was interesting…

  3. We certainly do change. I’ll bet five years ago you didn’t know you’d be writing that where you did. 😋😉

  4. amommasview says:

    You mentioned a very good point there in regards to finding out who we are. In a way we can’t really do that as we constantly change.
    I had to smile at your remark in regards to a 25 year age difference… it’s the age difference my parents hat. The relationship worked really well but I’m sure it only did because my Dad aged really well…

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