Working with Feelings

You cant keep blocking or ignoring the feelings. They can swim. You cant drown them with alcoholic ice or drugs. Numbing them doesn’t make them flee forever. You will always come back to them in some way or another if you don’t properly work through them, with them. Your freedom-to live happier, is worth it.

2 comments on “Working with Feelings

  1. robertcday says:

    So how’s that going for you? I have benefitted from your point of view so far. Is its possible that we can arrange this under the wings of angels.

  2. Lively Life says:

    Isn’t everything we do under the wings of angels ? Or is that what you’re getting at. That is it even possible to do in life ? Or maybe you really would like to be in a park surrounded by pigeons flapping in your face but you call them angels because that’s what you think people reincarnate into ? Hm? It’s going decent for me. Still have struggles dealing with the fiery ones when they pop up. That tends to get me.

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