Helpful WordPress

Sometimes I feel woozy after a lot of wordpress reading. As if the world is caving in a little bit and we are closer in distance and have deeper connection,  but that we’re battling the same dinosaurs that have been around for decades.
( Dino heart and brain struggles are never extinct! )

I just hope for the sake of humankind that we’re getting somewhere. Well… I know that we are. Just sometimes the sadder posts are heavy and the motivational ones can’t pick them up.And that’s when I feel the woozy.

We’re on the same life string, learning from one another yet more than half of our experiences have to be actually experienced by ourself for us to really know what it’s like.
I don’t have to ask what we are all doing and why; blogging hours into our system.
I get it.


I guess the connection between the posts and your life outside of these cyber walls, is sometimes difficult for me to wrap my head around.
In truth, it is likely me living so far into this blogging wondrousity that I have to question my own experiences and livability.


WordPress is always helpful. Even when it isn’t.




5 comments on “Helpful WordPress

  1. I agree it can be motivational or heartbreaking depending on the post

  2. calexandra says:

    Great observations! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Yes its a rollercoaster on WordPress some of the posts are so moving and emotional and others are really funny. My life has changed since I started blogging on WordPress – it has got much bigger. And I have new connections to people in different continents it really has enhanced my life!

  4. Jeanne says:

    Wonderful pondering for a Friday! It makes me think “What words suck out the marrow are replaced with nutrient, life-giving words.” J💛

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